How To Search Product With Your Customer

Welcome to our first tutorial! This will show you how to search for a product with one of your customers. It is a question everyone has gotten before,

"what other colors does this shoe come in?"

While you have wanted to offer them a selection, it was impossible before to tell them right away what was available in their size. Now you can lead them straight to

Use the filters in the sidebar to narrow your search only products available in the customers desired size. 

You will notice no prices are listed on the main collection pages. Once you click on the item, the suggested retail and wholesale price price will be listed. Sugested retail will be strikethrough.

Logged in

If the member is viewing the page with you, you will obviously want to protect the wholesale price. No worries! simply log out of your account, and the wholesale price, as well as the "add to cart" button will disappear. Retail prices will still be shown for your reference.

Logged out 


As always, please contact your Marc Joseph representative with any questions.